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Corona Treater

Corona treatment is high voltage, high frequency electrical discharge that increases bonding capacity of plastic surface. Corona treatment discharged between ground electrode and high voltage electrode is also know as Corona Discharge. Corona treater is widely used in plastic packaging industries for increasing surface tension of plastic films before printing, lamination and coating. This treatment is measured by Dynes solutions where unit of surface tension is measured by Dynes/CM.

Yash Electronics Corona Treaters are user friendly and high efficiency generators that provide better treatment at less power.

For conductive films treatment need BareRoller Corona Treater. In BareRoller Corona Treater Roller is bare (without Silicon Sleeve). High voltage Electrode Roller is covered with Silicon Sleeve. Bare Roller Corona Treater is used in Converting Application and Metallised Films.


  1. For printing it requires a minimum treatment level of 38 Dynes/CM
  2. For U.V. Drying Ink requires treatment level of 42 Dynes/CM
  3. For Lamination it requires a minimum treatment level of 42 Dynes/CM
  4. For Coating it requires a minimum treatment level of 42 Dynes/CM

Features Of Mono Layer Corona Treater

  1. Single phase supply
  2. IGBT base technology
  3. Soft Start
  4. Output frequency = 12 to 20 Khz
  5. Audio Alarm
  6. Spark Protection
  1. Zero Speed Tripping
  2. Electrode Assembly Open Tripping
  3. Pnematically operated Electrode Assembly
  4. Easy view windows for clear view of Corona Discharge

Features Of Multi Layer Corona Treater

  1. IGBT based technology
  2. Soft Start
  3. Output frequency = 15 to 25 Khz
  4. Spark Protection
  5. Zero Speed Tripping
  6. Electrode Assembly Open Tripping
  7. Dynamically Balance Rollers
  8. Thermal Trip
  1. Roller bearing are outside of Ozone environment to increase bearing life
  2. Easy view windows for clear view of Corona Discharge
  3. Input voltage is 3 Phase, 415 Volts/50Hz
  4. Blower over load Trip
  5. Ozone extraction system
  6. Pnematically operated Electrode Assembly

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Induction Cap Sealing

Sealing Process – Bottle is filled with product and capping is done, cap is prefited with wad.

Bottle is passed under Induction Head Coil which generate Electromagnetic Field that heat the foil.

The heat melts polymer and seals bottle with cap pressure.

Wads Details

  1. A layer of pulp Board
  2. A layer of wax
  3. A layer of Aluminum Foil
  4. A layer of Polymer (Heat sealable film)

Advantages Of Induction Cap Sealing

  1. Indirect Heating
  2. No Leakage
  3. Tamper Proof
  4. Product Freshness

Applications of Induction Cap Sealing

  1. Food Products (powder food)
  2. Pickles
  3. Spices
  4. Jam
  5. Dairy Products
  6. Pharmaceuticals
  7. Pesticide

Bottles or Jars that can be sealed

  1. HDPE
  2. LDPE
  3. Polypropylene
  4. PET
  5. Glass

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Customer Stories
User 1
U V World Industries, Vasai

We installed High frequency Corona Treater which resulted in achieving 48 dynes at speed of 60 MPM.

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